I love working with inspired leaders, helping them to enjoy the adventure of stewarding their business ideas and powerful guidance into existence.

I invite people in leadership who have achieved heights few think are possible, to find out ‘what’s next?’ To pioneer, and discover and follow their next chapter of leadership. To delve into the possibility that there is a realm of consciousness where everything that could exist, does exist right now, but in potential, and that those brilliant ideas are constantly trying to get your attention so they can exist in this world through you, and do good.

Exploring alongside those people who have leadership as a calling.

Olympic athletes, award-winning executive producers, CEOs and COOs of global companies, founders of nonprofits, and people like you who have grown so far, so fast, that now you’re wondering… What is my next stage of evolution? What am I being called to create next as a steward, and collaborative creator of an inspired idea.

I’m here to help you answer that question, and a few others, like…

Where you lost your inspiration and mojo, and how to get it back
How to break through the ceiling so you can make an even greater impact
How to be inspired on the journey to becoming more yourself

Because as big as you play – and you play big – you know you can do so much more, and your playing smaller than you truly are serves no-one.

What you don’t know is what’s next. And that’s okay – just because you’re brilliant doesn’t mean you have to have all of the answers. In this case, there is no one answer, only an infinite number of possible paths.

You may have a feeling that you’re ready for your next level of life and leadership, and there are few people around you who are able (or willing) to challenge you and inspire you into your own new unfolding.

It’s my job to help you see the possibilities so you can grow in unexpected, mojo-reviving, ceiling-breaking, deeply impactful ways.

Hi, I’m Nick Williams, and I help incredible people create their next breakthroughs AND become inspired leaders and happier people in the process.

My work has been rooted in personal and spiritual growth, and maximising human potential. I spent twenty years surrounded by spiritual teachers, alternative thinkers and life shifting visionaries as co-leader of the Alternatives programme in St. James’ Church, London, the world renowned, and longest-running body, mind & spirit events company in the UK.

With the intersection of leadership and inspiration as my focus, I’ve authored 18 books and given talks and trainings in 17 countries for dozens of companies (including BT, Johnson & Johnson, IKEA, BBC, Yahoo, McKinsey and Merrill Lynch).

You might say that my life’s work is Inspiration – what it is, how to have a relationship with it, how to inspire others, and how to become a lightning rod for inspiration to speak to us and guide us. My belief and experience is that inspiration is out there waiting to find willing human collaborators – our job is open to receiving it and then acting on it

Inspiration is always trying to get our attention, but most of us keep ourselves so busy and distracted that we don’t hear it. And we’re too busy to stop and pay attention even if we do.

Gradually, I’ve learned to ask “Okay, what wants to exist through me next?”

The answers have yielded books, speaking engagements, podcasts, programmes and, now, coaching for inspired leaders.

My Approach

If I had a magic wand to create anything in the world, it would be to create more leaders who have humanity and heart, whose goal it is to draw the best out of themselves and everyone around them. Because leaders who understand that vulnerability is strength, who embrace their humanity and lead with love – those are the people who are going to change the world for the better.

And these are my clients.

I just meet them a little earlier in their journeys when they’re searching for their inspiration, feeling unhappy and frustrated, even vulnerable, and need some help to become the inspired leaders they’re meant to be.

They usually find me when:

A major chapter of their lives has finished and they need to transition to something new and exciting. Their sense of self is evolving – they’ve been playing one role for a while and are ready to be more real now (“I want to be more me” is how one client put it!)

My approach is to help you peel back the layers of expectations, assumptions, stories, egos and conditioning around who you are so we can uncover your authentic, honest, vulnerable self.

Too often, we create roles for ourselves, and as high achievers, we become very good at those roles. But when we lose touch with who we really are and wrap ourselves up in a role – even roles that come with so many rewards – it stops feeling satisfying after a while. We lose inspiration and motivation. We wonder “what else is there?”

Well, there’s you. The whole, essential you. And once we unwrap who you are, so you can live and lead as your truest self, that is when you’ll find your spark, your inspiration, and your greater power to inspire others. And that is where breakthroughs happen.

While working with me, clients have gone on to…

  • Recognise the universal value of their individual experiences, becoming thought leaders within and beyond their industries
  • Write books with more depth and vulnerability than they’ve ever shown before
    Develop a completely new vision for travel media
  • Create life-changing programmes (see Leading with Love with Liz Trubridge, producer of Downton Abbey)
  • Reinvent their businesses for greater inspiration
  • Surprise themselves by taking completely different, completely thrilling, directions

If you’re ready to reconnect with your inspiration and yourself, schedule a conversation

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