Your leadership calling and soul’s vision is bigger than your resistance.

Please don’t hoard your treasures

For the last three decades, I have felt a call to offer leadership, to make my unique corner of the world better.

What I have come to see clearly from my own lived experience over that period, though, is that whenever I am inspired with a new project or action, something unpleasant usually kicks off inside me. I don’t feel capable, I feel inadequate, scared, I doubt myself, judge and criticise myself and even shame myself by saying “Who do I think in am to…

When I was inspired to give my first public talk, leave my corporate career to start my own business, take on my first coaching client, be part of a radio broadcast and become a published author, they all elicited somewhere between anxiety and utter terror in me before I actually got to do them. At times I would actually sabotage, myself and undermine my own success.

For years, I put this down to some significant character flaw on my part, something I was ashamed of and didn’t want people to know about. But as I learned to become more open and transparent about my experiences, others confided in me that they had similar experiences. Indeed, I now see it as pretty universal.

We are all a mash up of strengths and vulnerabilities, confidence and fear, inspiration and fear.

But what I have also come to see clearly is that on the other side of my resistance have been great gifts – the things I was terrified to do are actually the things I have come to be very good at and make a great contribution to other people’s lives.

Each time I found the courage to get beyond the next chapter of my resistance, I become a little more of the person I was born to be, who I already was in essence, but had been afraid to live out so far. I grew a little more in my power and confidence.

Each time I beat my resistance, my heart becomes a little freer and more available.

Now it is clear to me – inspiration comes with an evil twin, that I call resistance.
Here is what I think is true for most of us: the more important a decision, action or a project is to your soul’s growth and evolution, the more resistance you are likely to experience around pursuing it. So resistance actually becomes a pointer: The presence of resistance, as well as inspiration, actually shows I am right on track for my next project.

So I know how much courage it can take to follow through and show up with your leadership calling. Much as your soul wants you to blossom, your ego will try to scare you and shrink you down.

What I believe

I believe you arrived here powerful, trailing clouds of glory, with a calling etched upon your heart, a person to blossom into, with incredible gifts to share to make your life fulfilling and the promise you’d make this world a little brighter, loving and kinder. You have important work to do, you matter, and there are some people you are uniquely significant to. I believe that you are braver, stronger, more creative and powerful than you know.

You have gifts, there are people in the world who need your gifts, and answering your calling to share your gifts will make you happier. And you will most likely experience resistance to the next chapter of you showing up with your gifts – when your resistance wins, we all lose.

I would love to help foster and nurture your growth so you can cross your next threshold and show up and share your gifts.

Change is always possible for you, and within reach, even when it seems like it isn’t

Why I care

I know I matter and have made a difference in thousands of people’s lives. and so many times I have nearly given up and checked out. Friends, mentors, guides and teachers have helped me stay on my path and got me across the next threshold.

There are leadership projects, ideas and messages that want to exist in this world by through you and by you too and I would love to help you make them exist. Because you you matter – you have a part to play in making this world brighter and more inspiring.

My heart hurts when you don’t get to share your gifts and make your contribution – you lose and the people who need your gifts lose.

I want to cheer you on, I don’t want you to hoard your treasures – we need them.

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