Thought leadership clarity sessions

A 1:1 tailored coaching programme with Nick Williams

Do you feel an inner calling to share what you have learned to help others blossom in their lives?

Do you know you have insight and experience of value to share but you are not sure how to put your finger on that clarity?

One of the biggest challenges I witness is that when you have accumulated years, even decades, of experience and insight, it is being able to distil it down to its essence. You can’t see the wood for the trees, and can even feel overwhelming. you re too close to see the clarity that is in there.

You have tons of gold ore but want to find the golden nuggets.

Regularly I have witnessed how attempts to distil your our own work down to its essence, and identify your our own genius and brilliance, can leave you feeling frustrated, even exhausted. You imagine it will be easy to transform your experience into powerful thought leadership, but then end up questioning and even get angry with ourself for not being able to do it, even ending up believing that there must be something wrong with you.

This is a situation I have helped many people with, as I have found myself in many times.

I developed this programme for precisely that situation.

The five clear and tangible outcomes are:

  • #1 – Who your messages are for – your ideal audience and clients
  • #2 – Distil your big idea to its essence
  • #3 – Surface your six unique and powerful key leadership messages
  • #4 – My spoken and written feedback on the power, coherence, resonance and relevance of your messages
  • #5 – Ideas about how to craft your messages into deliverables – like posts, stories, a talk or book

What I have found is once you get this clarity, everything else begins to click into place and become clearer, making it much easier for you to design your book, talk, workshop or training.

How long does this take?
Between one and two hours, we should be able to achieve these outcomes.

What is the process?
Our 1:1 time together, I simply you ask you carefully crafted questions to draw out your messages. I very consciously keep you on track and stop you avoiding giving me extraneous descriptions or explanations. Then I help you by editing, distilling, crafting, structuring and sending back to you the full design of your Clarity with all five outcomes, takes 1-2 hours of my time, payable fully in advance.

What is your investment?

£347 for our face to face time, online, and my distilling, editing and crafting our conversation. Contact Me Now

What should you do next?
Email me at to arrange a conversation together

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“I loved your video blogs about creating a heart-centered business and felt that you were someone who understood my deep hunger to use my entrepreneurial skills in a way that would be of service in the world. I was right. Thank you Nick xxx “

Jody Day