Masterclass #1


What wants to exist in this world, through you, next?

A FREE masterclass for people offering leadership to develop your most powerful relationship with Inspiration.

Are you asking yourself, “What’s next in your leadership or self-leadership?”

  • Is there an impulse in you to grow and evolve that refuses to be ignored, however you might try to suppress it?
  • Do you need some help to figure out how you can go about discovering “What’s next” for you?
  • Do you feel something has run out for you and it is time to graduate, to bring out more of the essence of who you are?

This masterclass explores the idea of getting clarity on what’s next for you when you know you are living your leadership calling and you know there is a next chapter beckoning you.

The masterclass explores the idea that you didn’t arrive here as a blank slate, but as a highly individuated and developed soul, with a calling etched upon your heart to enact and a self in embryo to become, you come bearing unique gifts and your gifts are the answer to some people’s prayers.

You have a destiny to fulfil and there is a natural intelligence in you that is regularly nudging you with the next chapter of your calling.

This class helps you navigate your process of leadership growth and evolution

This Masterclass consists of five, five-minute videos, and an accompany PDF, which includes the video transcripts, plus coaching questions and enquiries to help you dig deeper into how these lessons relate to you, and your own work.

I’m Nick Williams

Every day I see the wonderful impact that leaders who are following their own soul’s calling have. I want more of this type of leadership to exist. I offer it myself and I love to help you incubate yours.

In this series of five videos, I outline the essence of the work I have been doing with people in leadership for the last two decades, to help them be both inspired and inspiring.

Here’s What This Masterclass Includes


Masterclass #1 : WHAT NEXT?

A free pdf companion to the video content, prompting questions and deeper understandings.

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Module 1

What next? Inspiration has your next step of your calling

In this module, you will get to understand some the following:
– An expanded idea of who you are and what your purpose here is
– You didn’t arrive as a blank slate, but as a highly refined and individuated soul, trailing clouds of glory, a godsend
– A calling etched upon your heart you are here to enact which predisposes you to be drawn to some areas
– A natural intelligence that I think of as inspiration is always nudging us forward – it has your next step
– How you arrive pre-programmed, a self in embryo to unwrap and become, gifts that you are here to uniquely express and deliver and demons to vanquish
– You have a destiny to keep blossoming into

Module 2

Being a portal and a steward of ideas that want to exist in this world, through you

In this module, you will get to understand some the following:
– How you can be a generous servant of a greater mystery
– How you can be a lightning rod for ideas – for yourself and your company, the world
– By you, and through you – a gift to the world
– Making yourself available to inspiration
– Act in anticipation of inspiration
– A steward, not the source, a midwife
– Not just taking dictation, show up with your labour and work with the mystery
– Ownership passes from you to the world

Module 3

Meeting inspiration’s “Evil twin” – resistance

In this module, you will get to understand some the following:
– Understanding resistance, what it is and what purpose it seeks to serve
– Spotting how you resist
– resistance is a good thing and almost inevitable
– The more important an action or a project is, the more resistance you are likely to experience – navigational tool
– An empowering definition of resistance
– Feeling daunted – doubting – not up to the job – invitation to learn and grow
– Resistance versus not being the right thing
– Navigating your way beyond resistance

Module 4

The power of your temporary vulnerability is a sign of strength and confidence

In this module, you will get to understand some the following:
– Why showing up leads most of us to experience a temporary vulnerability
– Developing an empowering relationship with your vulnerability and openness
– Allowing your vulnerability to be a strength and a source of power, not a weakness
– Your vulnerability can be a birthing place, an opening to a new horizon
– Showing your vulnerability appropriately gives other people permission to accept it in themselves too

Module 5

Inspiration wants to reveal the essence of you

In this module, you will get to understand some the following:
– As you keep following your own leadership calling, the more of the essence of you is revealed
– Your defences are gradually melted and more of the real you can shine through
– You become a work of art, or the work of art that you are is revealed
– The heart of the heroic journey is to become less of the roles you play, less of your created identity, and more of the essence of yourself

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