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My stories of Courage, Inspiration and Vulnerability.

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Stories of courage and vulnerability on my journey of doing what I was Born To do.

Pivotal Places
What do the bright lights of Las Vegas, the gas chambers of Auschwitz, the set of Downton Abbey, the deck of a home in Kaui in Hawaii, a lawn bowling green in North London; the Earls Court Conference Centre, a sun lounger in Lanzarote, a hospice in Surrey, St James’s Church in Piccadilly, a conference centre in Soweto and a café in a Tesco superstore near Heathrow all have in common?

They are all pivotal places where I experienced Pivotal Moments, experiences where my life shifted and took a different course or took on a new flavour.

In December recently published my latest book called Pivotal Moments, which shares the “back story” of many chapters of my journey, both the joys and the difficulties.

Here is some early reader feedback:

“I read the whole of your book last night. It’s beautifully crafted and written and something resonated with me within each of the chapters. Well done for being so bold and brave and putting it out there. It’s something special and I couldn’t put it down, just kept reading until the early hours of the morning. I admire your honesty and how you laid everything bare. “

“My dearest friend has experienced all the suicidal feelings you describe and reading your story has made me understand more and I get it more now.”

“I loved your example of just showing up – there are great lessons that everyone can learn from throughout the whole book, I think it’s a winner.”

“Well, I just love it and I haven’t even finished it yet! I really admire you opening your heart in such a public way and thank you so much for doing so as your words have already had a positive impact on me because so much of what you say resonates deeply with me.”

“Nick your book is connecting me with my courage and bravery, which is soo important for me now”

“I feel very proud of you and, also, inspired and encouraged myself by how you have bravely lived your life.”

What is in the book?

It is the story so far of my own hero’s journey. My conventional upbringing, where I felt my job was to fit in and be pretty invisible, to ignore and override my calling, going in to a corporate career, feeling unfulfilled and reconnecting with what I was Born To do.

Some are stories of the joy of success, and some are of my own vulnerability and the courage I have needed to access simply to keep going in the face of my own fear and resistance. The stories are about how I have gradually got past my conditioning and programming and allowed myself to show up, and little by little created a new life. I have evolved from feeling like I was “a nobody” to feeling like I am truly who I am. I also share how I have conspired against my Self and my own success.

“The deep impulse in me has been to embrace and express my spiritual power, and to be in the full flow of my spiritual and creative expression. Yet, the training ground for that has been the territory of feeling weak, scared, vulnerable and often feeling controlled, powerless and helpless. My family was a great training ground.”


“Nick has been helping tens of thousands of people discover what they were born to do for nearly 20 years. His talks and books have made a huge impact on those who have come into contact with them, yet we have not heard the whole story of how Nick discovered the work he was born to do. Pivotal Moments changes all of that.

In this series of personal stories, Nick describes his own hero’s journey from ordinary bloke from Hornchurch selling computers for a living to the inspiring figure and key player in the personal development field he is today. In the process he offers us a roadmap to help us overcome lack of self-belief, conditioning, resistance and everything else that gets in the way of us being who we were born to be.

In his willingness to reveal his deepest insecurities and vulnerabilities he gives us permission to honour our own while not allowing them to stop us fulfilling our potential. I guarantee that every reader will be able to find themselves somewhere in Nick’s story while standing in admiration of what he has achieved.”

Beverley Glick, story archaeologist and author of Dig for the Story in Your Soul



Nick is an internationally renowned speaker, mentor and best-selling author of ten books. He has spent the last 20 years as a coach, adviser, friend, mentor, spiritual advisor and encourager to leaders in the areas of business the media and entertainment, the law, personal and spiritual growth, academia, retail, the NHS. His purpose is inspiring people to discover and live their unique calling and to show up in the world with their unique gifts. He is founder of the Spiritual Pro Global Community. His books have been translated into eight languages, and he has so far been invited to speak in sixteen countries.

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