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Higher Purpose Leadership – leading from your soul.

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Higher Purpose Leadership – leading from your soul.

  • Where are the inspirational leaders?
  • Where are the leaders that can help us turn things around?
  • Is it time to give up on leadership or for us to re-imagine leadership?

“Every act of love, inspiration and Self-love is an act of leadership” Nick Williams

Today, it could be easy to argue that leadership is the problem, and the cause of many of the world’s problems
and that we need less leadership, not more.

In his first book on leadership, Nick argues that we need more leadership, not less. But he argues we need a
new kind of leadership with a new, leadership with a more spiritual purpose. He calls this Higher Purpose
Leadership, which is leadership that is guided by and includes your soul.



In this short and easy to read book, Nick shares two of the pivotal moments that helped him shape his thinking and feeling on Higher Purpose Leadership. He then goes on to share many of his own favourite thoughts on thirteen leadership topics including love, inspiration, power, pain, encouragement, vulnerability, heart, integrating your shadow and integrity.

Nick argues that that we are the people we are waiting for. We no longer need to be anointed, appointed or voted for to lead. We can all do it, it is the calling today. We each have leadership gifts and abilities lying dormant within us. As we recognise our personal leadership and start to unwrap our own leadership gifts, we can choose to step into leadership in our life, work, family and community. Leadership isn’t something with do at work or in politics; we can offer our own leadership in every area of our life.

Nick argues that we can all offer leadership now. One of his favourite ideas is, “Every act of love and self-love is an act of leadership,” so we can all love, and we can all lead. Leadership is our desire and willingness to continually expand our territories of love, inspiration and forgiveness. When we offer inspiring leadership, we will assemble a tribe or community around us.

12, 000 words, digital format, published July 14th 2016

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