Resisting The Soul, 2011 : Book


101 Powerful Tips to Free Your Inspiration

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Do you sense that there is a person you could become?
Is there so much more creative and spiritual potential that you haven’t expressed yet?
Would you achieve so much more if you could only get beyond that inner inertia and procrastination?

Then welcome to resistance.

Have you ever experienced the inspiration to pursue your calling, a vision of the higher self you could be? Cue resistance. It is like an invisible glass wall.

The majority of the workings of resistance are just outside your conscious awareness. In this groundbreaking book, Nick Williams lays bare and illuminates the inner workings of the force he has come to call resistance. Having had to face and overcome so much of his own procrastination and fear to become who he is today, Nick has a unique insight into resistance and its workings. What he has learned has already helped tens of thousands of others to liberate their potential and lead happier, more authentically successful lives.

Structured as 100 insights into resistance and tips on how to overcome it, this book can help you live a richer, more fulfilled life. The breakdown of old ways of working is opening doors to so many new possibilities – when you have the eyes to see it and break through your resistance.

In our hearts, we sense how little of our potential we realise as we become trapped in our self-created prisons of fear and that underlying sense that we are not quite good enough. This book is about your own self-liberation.

Quit playing smaller than you are – get past your resistance and show up now – we need you!

Why I wrote this book
I had always been very aware of inspiration having an “evil twin” – we all seemed to have forces within us that stopped us, sabotaged and defeated our best attempts to show up authentically in the world. I have experienced incredible levels of resistance as I have stepped into each level of my own self-leadership. Consequently, I had grown in awareness of how much self-defeating behaviour I seemed to have in me and that others I coached seemed to exhibit.

In 2004, I was recommended to read a book called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. I found his courage and clarity in articulating this force inspiring. He named and explained resistance in ways that I found deeply resonant and he inspired me to take my enquiry into resistance deeper. The result was that I felt the call to write my own book exposing the workings of resistance. I am proud of this book and am thrilled by the feedback I got for it and am honoured to hear how it has helped so many people show up more fully and authentically in the world.

My motivations for writing Resisting The Soul:

To illuminate the workings of resistance and help people understand its purpose and how it operated
To help people get through their resistance so that they could show up with who they were and the gifts they had to offer


Nick is an internationally renowned speaker, mentor and best-selling author of ten books. He has spent the last 20 years as a coach, adviser, friend, mentor, spiritual advisor and encourager to leaders in the areas of business the media and entertainment, the law, personal and spiritual growth, academia, retail, the NHS. His purpose is inspiring people to discover and live their unique calling and to show up in the world with their unique gifts. He is founder of the Spiritual Pro Global Community. His books have been translated into eight languages, and he has so far been invited to speak in sixteen countries.