The Book you were Born to Write, 2012 : Book


The steps to writing and publishing the personal growth book that is in your heart.

This book is digital and only available as a PDF



The steps to writing and publishing the personal growth book that is in your heart.

  • Do you feel that there is a book in you that you are destined to write?
  • Do ideas keep coming into your consciousness asking to be expressed through you?
  • Do you long to touch the hearts and minds of others and inspire them to greater possibilities?
  • Do you struggle to structure and craft your ideas into an engaging book?
  • Do you keep resisting and procrastinating around your writing but feel drawn to it nonetheless?
  • Do you like writing but feel unsure of how take your book to market?
  • Do you see a book as being an important part of your entrepreneurial activities?

Then there is a book you were born to write.

This book is digital and only available as a PDF

In this guide, Nick encourages to you to honour and nurture your inner call to express yourself through writing, and he shares his own very personal experiences of how he was inspired to write books and of how this has transformed his life.

This is a journey in three parts. It begins with Nick discussing the ideas that the Universe wants you to Next he shows you how to structure your ideas, how to beat resistance and how a book fits in to your whole entrepreneurial mix. To guide you in sending it out into the world Nick talks about how to build a platform and discusses the main routes to publishing. This is a personal roadmap for you to embark upon your writing and publishing journey. Nick shares his mistakes and successes and inspires you to write the book you were born to write, which he considers an important part of being an inspired entrepreneur.



Why I wrote this book

Before I became an author, I was fascinated to meet authors, guessing they must have some unique energy or qualities that I didn’t have and may never embody. I wanted to hear their tricks and secrets. As I became an author, I found that people regularly asked for me advice and tips, and I was happy to share my experience and insights. Eventually, it dawned on me that it would be a great idea to write all this down in a book, so I could answer all the questions and share all my experience in one go and in one place. So that’s why I wrote Book You Were Born To Writeto inspire you to write, get your messages out to the world, find the people who want to hear your messages, and set realistic expectations about what your book will and probably won’t do for you and your business.

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