The Business You Were Born To Create, 2010 : Book


How to make your living doing the work you were born for.

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What work were you put on this planet to do?
How can you build a successful business around that work?

Best-selling author Nick Williams reveals how this is the time to start your own inspired business, doing work that you love. As well as provide your income, your inspired business can be an immensely meaningful activity which allows you to share your unique gifts, make a difference to others and serve a higher purpose. It will empower you to become the best that you can be.

But this requires a different approach to work. You can’t just bolt on traditional business methods to doing what you love. Being an Inspired Entrepreneur is about being authentic, about service, and about putting relationships first. Utilising a potent combination of ancient wisdom, spiritual insight and ground-breaking entrepreneurial thinking, Nick Williams shows how a whole new way of working is possible for you, right now.

The story behind The Business You Were Born To Create and why I wrote the book
After ten years in print, Thorson, who had taken over the rights to The Work We Were Born To Do decided not to keep it in print. Part of me was quite devastated as my signature work would no longer be available. Also after a five-year period when I didn’t write a book, I got re-inspired to write. This was significantly fuelled by meeting Edward Peppitt who ran a small publishing house called Balloonview. He offered to reprint The Work We Were Born To Do for me. When Ed explained how cheaply we could get them reprinted, it began to dawn on me that with Ed’s help I could publish my own books, the ones I wanted to write, rather than the ones the publishers might or might not want me to write. So the next book I felt inspired to write was The Business You Were Born To Create.

Having written about new visions for work, power and inspiration, I now had thoughts to share on a new vision for business, and specifically about being entrepreneurial. One of the biggest challenges I had experienced, and I saw so many other people struggle with was this: we took what we were born to, and tried to shoe-horn ourselves and our work into old thought systems of business, being entrepreneurial and how we should operate. We created business that didn’t reflect who we truly were, but how we thought we should be.

The Business You Were Born To Create articulated a new vision for business and being entrepreneurial, what it meant and how to create businesses that were vehicles for us to express ourselves , our love and our gifts fully and authentically in the world. I explored the idea that business is not an end in itself, but can be a wonderful vehicle for us to express our higher purpose.


Nick is an internationally renowned speaker, mentor and best-selling author of ten books. He has spent the last 20 years as a coach, adviser, friend, mentor, spiritual advisor and encourager to leaders in the areas of business the media and entertainment, the law, personal and spiritual growth, academia, retail, the NHS. His purpose is inspiring people to discover and live their unique calling and to show up in the world with their unique gifts. He is founder of the Spiritual Pro Global Community. His books have been translated into eight languages, and he has so far been invited to speak in sixteen countries.