Fulfil your dream of designing your Signature Book

A 1:1 tailored coaching programme with Nick Williams

Are you a successful leader, entrepreneur or coach?

Do you have an idea for your book but don’t know how to evolve your idea into the book you can actually write?

Do you have you have some insight and wisdom that you know can help other people transform their lives?

Do you have trouble clearly seeing, distilling and structuring your thinking?

Does it cause you pain not to share your gifts, and to play smaller than you know you are?

Would you like to have your book as the calling card for your inspired thought leadership?

Writing and becoming an author are a gift to yourself and the world

I care that you write your book and get it out into the world.

Inspiring and touching lives through sharing your ideas is a most joyous experience. That’s one of the reasons I have written 18 books so far, because I love to share wisdom and insight, and I know some people’s lives get better for what I share. I have become proficient at taking a big idea and structuring it into a readable book.

The biggest problems I find over and again that budding authors encounter are:

  • Every time you start to say anything, you try to say everything
  • You have trouble cutting through your confusion and overwhelm to get to your clear and powerful messages
  • You have doubt and find it hard to believe that your voice is valuable and wanted and the process of writing is worth your investment of time and energy
  • You find it difficult to put structure to your stream of consciousness and transform your ideas into a readable book

My experience is that it is hard to draw the clarity out of yourself, you need some external help. I can help.

One client put it this way: “You helped me transform my tons of ore into my ounces of gold!

I help you to draw out the clarity that already exists somewhere within you, then help you put structure to that clarity.

What I am offering you is a 1-2-1 coaching package: Design the Book You Were Born To Write

There are thirteen tangible, clear outcomes for you of our work together. We will aim for “Version 1” of the following:

Tangible outcomes:

  • #1 – Who is your book for? Ideal client/reader
  • #2 – What are your personal and professional reasons for writing your book?
  • #3 – Your book Title
  • #4 – Your book Sub-Title
  • #5 – Your books 6 to 10 key messages
  • #6 – Your books cover blurb
  • #7 – Your books chapter structure
  • #8 – Your personal credibility to write your book – why people should listen to you and your voice
  • #9 – How to write as the wise guide to empower your readers
  • #10 – Your publishing options
  • #11 – The writing practice that is going to work for you
  • #12 – How your book can fit into uplifting your whole business and generating
  • #13 – My personal feedback on your first chapter when you have written it

“During our work together, I changed my view of both what I am trying accomplish and my ability to achieve it. Your process helped me better understand and articulate the core of what I am trying to say and the threads that make up the fabric of my offerings. More importantly, you helped me set more realistic expectations that are better aligned with my likely audience and my desire to remain true to my values rather than compromise them to appeal to a wider, but less appropriate market.”

John Howe

Why is it so important that you do write your book?

  • You will grow and expand through the process of designing and then writing your book
  • Your personal fulfilment being a published author
  • More doors open to when you have a powerful and well written book on your subject matter expertise
  • You are likely to generate more income as an author
  • Service and contribution. Change lives. your book could be the answer to some people’s prayers. Your words can inspire and galvanise people – the whole world is richer and
  • You won’t die with your music still in you
  • Your world is likely to expand as an author

What is your investment?

Our 1:1 time together, drawing out your messages, editing, distilling, crafting, structuring and sending back to you the full design of your book with all thirteen outcomes, takes 2 to 3 hours of my time, for which I currently charge £997, payable fully in advance. Contact Me Now

How does the process work?

In truth, very simply.
There is no preparation for you to do, as your work so far has been the preparation. I simply ask you a series of crafted questions and I capture your answers to them. With your agreement, I will keep you on track and help you stay focused on answering the questions, avoiding distraction, tangents and unnecessary explanations or detail. I capture your responses.

As the process concludes, I will share with you what I see as having most power and impact in what you are saying. I will share and feedback to you what I “see and hear” the particularly powerful, inspiring and impactful aspects of your ideas and messages.

Having captured your responses for you, I then type them up and craft them for you, and then return them to you as your completed talk outline, usually within 48 hours.  Once you have the outline, you can immediately start to offer to organisations and networks and you can carry on developing it.
Once you have the top level/helicopter view of your book, then you will find it much easier to write your book.

What should you do next?
Simply e mail me on nick@iamnickwilliams.com we will arrange a conversation to see if I am  right for you and if we are inspired to work together

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