If leadership is your calling, and your choice, as well as your position, and you are passionate about offering your most authentic, powerful and inspiring leadership, I would love to have a conversation with you.

If you are at a threshold, I would love to have a conversation during which we can establish whether I might be able to contribute to fostering your next chapter of growth and evolution. We can begin with a conversation, and then if I think I can help, I will produce you a proposal for a tailored programme to work together.

I am inspired by and am privileged to actively support people in leadership who love to be their natural best, and draw the best out of themselves, and the people around them. I see the best leaders as gardeners, seeking to cultivate the conditions in which they and their people can naturally blossom.

Very little is more satisfying for me than seeing you blossom as a human being and in your inspired leadership. I have a passion for helping you be more of your natural leadership best, to identify and unwrap more your latent unique leadership gifts and contribute as only you can.

I care deeply for leadership fuelled by a calling, not just a position or job title.

Simply drop me a line at nick@iamnickwilliams.com and we can arrange our first conversation.

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Liz Trubridge, BAFTA and Golden Globe winning Executive Producer of all six series of Downton Abbey and the 2019 film

“I am so incredibly touched by the amount of work and thought you put into the Leadership Synopsis…I felt humbled reading it and was also tingling all over. You have captured the essence of what I believe and you have done so beautifully. I am so grateful to you for enabling me to articulate what it is I’m about and what I strive to be in the workplace and in life in general. You’ve shone a light on my modus-operandi and it will serve as a reminder of how I want to show up in the world when it’s all too easy to forget.”