Deliver your best work to your ideal clients

A 1:1 coaching programme with Nick Williams for pioneers and seasoned leaders in their field who
already have a wealth of valuable experience and leadership insights

“Your Signature Leadership Work is you showing up clearly and powerfully, at your best, delivering your best work, to grateful clients. It is the unique
contribution you have come to make to life and how you can make your most natural and valuable impact.

I’d love to help you develop the deepest, and clearest vision of your Signature Leadership Work and help you transform how you see yourself and the work you are here to do.” Nick Williams

Do you know you are incubating a new chapter of your work you are here to bring into existence in the world?

Do you want to be clear about your leadership work, who it is for and what it is for?

Your Signature Leadership Work is natural, it wants to exist, and it comes to you, and also from you, but also through you. You collaborate with The Muse to bring your Signature Leadership Work into existence.

We’ll approach this from the perspective of What wants to exist in the world through you as well as from you. It’s a three-party conversation – you, me and The Muse a conversation at the edge of what you’ve been doing so far, and what you are bringing into existence next.

We’ll explore how you want to show up to be seen and known to your ideal clients.

This is for you when…

  • You are a creative adventurer, operating as a entrepreneur, coach, trainer or consultant, a leader in your field with significant responsibility for your project
  • You are not a newbie, you are seasoned and have been around the block a number of times already and undergone your own transformations
  • You already been successful over years, maybe even decades, and have experience
    of offering leadership or thought leadership in your field
  • You know you have developed valuable leadership insight and wisdom
  • You know in your bones you already deliver value and clients tell you so regularly
  • You love growing, you love expanding, throwing off limitations and blossoming into
    more of yourself and your abilities

A core presupposition in my approach to helping you recognise your Signature Leadership Work is that it wants to exist. It is trying to get your attention and it wants to exist through you as well as from you. It is a natural process. So together we’ll tune into what wants to exist through you. It is an easy and natural process.

So where are you now?

What are you currently experiencing?

  • You are really good at what you currently do, but you have plateaued and are bored, even frustrated
  • You know there is a new, more exciting chapter of the work you are here to deliver bubbling up in you
  • You know you are incubating a new body of work and even wanting to work with a new client group, but you can’t see your new work clearly yet so keep doing what you know
  • You feel you are playing small, hiding out to some degree, and you know in your heart you are called to show up to play a bigger game, which both really excites you and scares you a bit too
  • You know that there are many more ways that you could be showing up and new ways for you be serving

Where will you be?

Playing bigger and being known for and happily delivering your unique Signature Leadership Work

  • You have the wonderful experience of knowing that you have successfully bought something into existence that wanted to exist and benefits many people
  • You get to see your own brilliance clearly and structured and packaged into something tangible that you can deliver to people who really need and value it
  • People know what you are brilliant at and can help them with
  • But you don’t have to promote yourself, you can happily talk about the benefits of the work you and tell stories about how other people’s lives are better
  • You are creating clear messaging around your Signature Leadership Work that your ideal clients resonate with and are drawn to
  • You know how to describe the specific problems you can help people solve
  • You can get consistently hired to deliver your best work and deliver your unique gifts to the people who willingly value and hire you
  • So you build a reputation and create more incoming interest
  • You get to be even more of the natural you and you get to deliver even more of the best of you
  • So you get to generate consistent income doing work you love delivering and really benefits clients
  • Reposition yourself and work in the world so it is powerful reflection of who you are now and the leadership you are bringing into the world
  • So you feel more fulfilled and derive great meaning from what you do
  • You know the world is better for you showing up and sharing this work

The three key aspects of our work together:

There are three specific areas we will be focusing on:

  • Identifying the big idea behind your Signature Leadership Work, and then articulating, crafting and structuring the idea into something tangible and deliverable.
  • Identifying clearly who your Signature Leadership Work is for and develop clear messaging to them that they will resonate with and naturally respond to
  • Helping you transform how you see yourself and the work you are here to do. We’ll
    also identify the “smallness patterns” you might be running and where you might be playing small, so you can show up fully and authentically for the clients who need you

The fifteen clear, tangible outcomes that you’ll have as a result of our work together

Over six calls of around 60 to 90 minutes our goal together is to surface and capture clarity around on the following areas:

1 Clarity on the big idea is behind your Signature Leadership Work – we’ll see the big idea and distil the big idea to its essence

2 We’ll put some structure to the big idea and think of your Signature Leadership Work as a project and we’ll articulate a title and a sub-title and the distilled 150 word helicopter view of the whole project that you can use as a pitch to clients and collaborators

3 We’ll dive into the philosophy that underpins and informs your Signature Leadership Work so that you can articulate and lead with your clearly defines philosophy as well as your services

4 We’ll explore how you can show up clearly and powerfully with the best of who you are and what you have to offer and become known for your Signature Leadership Work

5 Get some clarity on who your Signature Leadership Work is for

6 We’ll articulate the transformation you help them to undergo

7 Surface the 6 to 10 key leadership messages are that your ideal clients or audience will resonate with and respond to

8 I will give you my feedback on the power, coherence and relevance of your messages

9 We’ll begin the process of crafting the big idea of your Signature Leadership Work into an offering that your clients and potential clients see the value of

10 We’ll explore how you can craft your messages into tangible deliverable content – like a keynote talk, posts, stories, a programme or book – a breadcrumb trail to lead people to your offering

11 What your next steps to bring your Signature Leadership Work into existence so you can have the impact you want to have

12 We’ll explore Why you? What is your backstory and what makes you so good at this and credible?

13 We’ll identify a pivotal moment story you can share to demonstrate your integrity and character

14 We’ll explore the areas you may have been playing small and help you transform how you see yourself and the work you are here to do

15 How you can weave all this into your powerful and coherent branding around you and your Signature Leadership Work

At the end of our work together, you will have a clear outline of your Signature Leadership Work that you can begin to market and promote to attract and serve your ideal clients.

The birthing we’ll do together that’s difficult to do for yourself.
We’ll start our work from a place of assuming that your Signature Leadership Work already exists in essence, and simply wants for you to see it clearly, so you can bring it into existence. But my three decades of experience have shown me that it is hard for you to see the clarity for yourself.

Like a kaleidoscope pattern, we’ll get you from vagueness and blurriness to crystal clarity. In simple terms, I lead you through processes that enable your Signature Leadership Work to emerge for you to see clearly.

Then we’ll look at who specifically this project is for and the transformation it helps them experience.

Once you can clearly see the big idea as a project, we can begin to craft some key leadership messages and then how to develop the idea into a talk, book, or other content.

I draw on my decades of refining this process for myself and others, simply asking you questions and capturing your answers and using both my intellect, intuition and experience Often people say to me that they have struggled for years to achieve the clarity that we achieve together in a session or two.

The process I will lead you through is both profoundly simple and at the same time, incredibly powerful

Why me, Nick Williams, to act as your guide on this journey?

This territory, from inspired idea coming to me, to full the full existence of my Signature Leadership Work is territory I have come to know intimately.

Collaborating with The Muse, I successfully brought my own Signature Leadership Work in existence and shared it successfully. I have gone from receiving an inspired idea in 1996, to gradually bringing The Work We Were Born To Do into existence, initially as talks and workshops and then as a book published in 1999, which subsequently became an international bestseller.

As a result, I know I have played a part in transforming the work, leadership and lives of tens of thousands of people across the planet. It has been a wonderful, challenging and massively meaningful journey of growth over 25 years for me. I know this territory and have a map to help guide you.

I have also been invited to speak and teach in seventeen around the world to share the ideas and messages in the book with hundreds of audiences and household name companies. I have also been invited to be part of hundreds of media interviews and podcasts.

I have also been immersed in the human potential movement and thought leadership for nearly four decades. I spent many of those years at the heart of the Alternatives programme in London and got to host, meet and make friends with some of the most successful thought leaders in the world of human potential, many of whom had developed and were delivering their own Signature Leadership Work. So it is highly likely that I will also have a good understanding of the content of the work you are bringing into the world, so can help you shape and craft it into its most powerful iteration.

I can be your trusted guide for you bringing your own Signature Leadership Work into existence.

What to do Next

The whole programme is £2,499.

If this resonates with you, then let’s have an exploratory conversation and decide whether we are a good fit and if we are a good fit, lets get going and help you bring your Signature Leadership Work into reality.

Drop me a line at or Contact Me here and I look forward to speaking with you