This is who I am: A powerful coach, guide, author, speaker and educator .  

  • Do you offer leadership?
  • Do you love fostering your own growth and the growth of others?
  • Are you inspired by naturally being at the top of your game and doing your best work?
  • Do you love enabling the talent and best work in yourself and others?

But are you experiencing the following?

  • Do you feel ready to remove more of the blocks to your best work?
  • Are you are willing yourself on rather than being in your natural inspiration and flow?
  • Have you have outgrown the roles you have been playing, and want to bring out of the authentic you?
  • Do you know you are incubating a new chapter of your leadership, but are unclear yet what it is?
  • Have you been seduced by what has felt safe, but are craving the adventure of a new beginning?
  • Do you know you have a bigger game to play and more lives to touch?

Then let’s have a conversation.


I support CEO’s, MD’s, leaders of their own projects and thought leaders in their fields. If you would love to have a conversation about your next leadership chapter, please do drop me an e mail at and we’ll arrange to speak.


I am so incredibly touched by the amount of work and thought you put into the Leadership Synopsis…I felt humbled reading it and was also tingling all over. You have captured the essence of what I believe and you have done so beautifully. I am so grateful to you for enabling me to articulate what it is I’m about and what I strive to be in the workplace and in life in general. You’ve shone a light on my modus-operandi and it will serve as a reminder of how I want to show up in the world when it’s all too easy to forget.

  Liz Trurbridge      

Liz Trubridge, BAFTA and Golden Globe winning Executive Producer of all six series of Downton Abbey and the 2019 film

Every once in while you stumble on that magical human, the one that will make you feel special and incredible. Who will show you how to reframe yourself in a wonderful and kind way. Who will hold you to a higher standard and give you feedback in a non-judgemental way. This man is not a coach he is a guide. And he has guided me to a wonderful place. I am grateful I met you Nick Williams and thank you for helping my teams as well. If you are successful and struggling with the imposter syndrome, being mean to yourself please reach out and connect with Nick. It will be the best conversation ever.

    Simon Leslie          

Simon Leslie, founder and joint CEO of Ink Global, still, after 25 years, the world’s leading travel media company